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    Are you looking for an in-depth expertise in mobile apps development services?

    Are you looking for a mobile apps development company that is dedicated to give you quality services?

    As a leading mobile apps development company in Vietnam, we pride ourselves as being one of the best when it comes to developing, designing and deploying web and mobile applications for mulyiple mobile platforms such as native and crossed platforms.

    We will help propel your business to success by providing you quality.

    Web and mobile apps development company in Vietnam

    Savvycom is an international software development company specializing in mobile and web solutions. Our team is the combination of experienced IT consultants and software engineers from Germany and Vietnam.

    We aim to develop premium mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Window Mobile and outstanding web applications and online solutions. Operating since 2007 and officially went to business in 2009, Savvycom has provided a strong and talented work-force and facilitated excellent performance in order to successfully deliver world-class, top-selling applications to clients from US, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

    Mobile application development services that we provide:

    Mobile App

    Smartphone has now become one of the most referred devices among worldwide consumers. As a result, the usage for mobile apps has also increased. If you have a company and you want to connect with your customer, you need to have applications that will enable you to directly communicate with mobile users.

    We love building apps that surpass client’s expectations, achieve rapid monetization and build exponential growth through solid user acquisition.

    Mobile Testing

    Our end-toend mobile testing package cover functionality, compatibility, performance and user experience resulting in a perfectly seamless mobile app.

    Besides, we provide additional services:

    Web App
    We dedicate our expertise and intense user experience to bring full‐scale, powerful web solutions that are boosted for both desktop and mobile browsers.

    Big Data
    No matter how massive, unstructured your the data is, Savvycom specialists will leverage the power of your business’s data to a next level.

    Mobile Testing
    Our end-toend mobile testing package cover functionality, compatibility, performance and user experience resulting in a perfectly seamless mobile app.


    With plenty of options to choose from, it is normal to ask yourself why you should choose us over others in this section, we are going to focus on things that makes us to stand out from our competitors.

    1. Expertise team
    Savvycom is a cross-functional group of experts who have up to 20 years of relevant experience in software development and have worked on many different projects across a variety of industries.

    2. Quality services
    When it comes to mobile app development, we always believe in giving our clients the best and that is why we have heavily invested to ensure that that we have the right resources and personnel to achieve that. That is why we usually consult clients to ensure that we give them quality services that match with their expectations.

    3. Personalized user experience
    By using data driven approach, we always maintain our standards by crafting smart and simplified features for personalized user experience. We know that every client has his/her own individual needs. That is why we usually offer customized services to ensure that the clients get personalized user experience that meets their individual needs.

    4. Privacy and security
    Maintaining security and confidentiality of our client project is always our top priority. As a company, we have put solid measures just to ensure that the security and privacy of our client is not compromised.

    5. Customer satisfaction guaranteed
    With 92% returning client, we go beyond technology and understand our clients’ business goals and ambitions. Savvycom is hands-on and ensures that your technology is always in alignment with our clients’ strategic vision.

    6. Good reputation
    Savvycom is a top mobile app development company in Vietnam offers service in Mobile apps. We have expert mobile app developers for a Startups and enterprise.

    When you visit our website, and read past customers’ review and rating, you will notice that all our customers are satisfied and happy with the quality of services that we delivered.
    We ensure that we not only give you quality services but also do so within the shortest time possible.
    In addition, our competitive prices will ensure that you get final-quality product by spending less.
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